Perfect Match PDF Download

Perfect Match PDF Download

By: Lila Monroe
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-11-13

Kelly_BTC Blog

Swoony, saucy, and sexy...Perfect Match is the perfect feel-good romance! Perfect Match is a light-hearted, funny AF, and engaging love story! It proves over and over again how opposites attract, and the uncontrollable desires two people share for one another. The character dynamic was top-notch, and showcases Ms. Monroe's unique writing style thoroughly. Where her previous books in the Lucky in Love series all share an unwavering comedic undertone, this book really exhibits character drive, ambition, and determination against all odds. Jack and McKenna are incredible characters! Their individual backgrounds weave together as their story together develops, making it utterly impossible to not fall in love with both of them. As much as their outlooks on love differ, it's the characteristics they each display that shows they're more similar than what they thought. But it's their constant banter and amusing situations, coupled with their sizzling chemistry (both in and out of bed), that propels this story to a remarkable level. Perfect Match catches your attention from the start. I was instantly intrigued with this book by just the blurb alone, and the story does not fail. Every book I read from Ms. Monroe just gets better and better, and she continues to wow her readers with her rich, heartwarming, fiery, and passionate love stories. Hilarious and entertaining, Perfect Match is a definite one-click must read! 5 Stars!


I absolutely LOVE this series by Lila Monroe! Each of these stories are fun, funny and hot! I know whenever I pick up a Lila Monroe book, that it will entertain me and keep me sucked in. I can't wait for more!! McKenna (I love her name) is ready to take her app, Perfect Match, and launch it into the world. She just needs a/some investors. She approaches Jack of Maverick Capital who isn't the easiest person to convince to invest in her baby. Jack is, by all accounts, more interested in not having relationships. So he bargains with McKenna; if she finds him his perfect match in 60 days, he will invest. And this starts the craziness of McKenna trying to match Jack while not getting involved with him herself. Jack challenges her and her patience but she's determined to get him to invest!


Loved this big time!! McKenna is such a kick butt intelligent woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Totally loved reading about how far she would go to have her company & her idea heard. And a cool dating app at that. And Jack, well you just can’t help but love him. Charming, handsome, and also quite adventuresome and intelligent himself. I’d never say no to him lol. All their work, and trial & tribulations keep you riveted, not wanting to put the book down. I totally loved it & so will you!!!