The Hellfire Club PDF Download

The Hellfire Club PDF Download

By: Jake Tapper
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Historical
Relase Date: 2018-04-24


Mr. Tapper, stick to the news. Your antics on the television everyday shouldn't lead you to believe you're some facinating author. Folks, don't waste your money, the book is all based on historical happening that he twists into "his own" fiction.


Thank you Jake for offering an interesting and thoroughly entertaining read. I ate it up. The parallels and comparisons to todays challenges are important and relevant. Let’s have another book soon!


Very well written and never slows down.

Terry in Phoenix

Jake Tapper is one of the top journalists on either newtwok or cable news, there can be no doubt about that fact. I see that ‘Hellfire Club’ has received numeoruus rave reader reviews, I cannot add my name to that list. I have been very disappointed in the book. I read a few pages daily thinking it will start to arouse my interest. Nothing yet. I’m beginning to wish I had purchased a hardcover so I could give it to a friend. It looks as though it will remain in my iBook library as being the only unread book. Meanwhile I will continue to watch Jake on CNN. No hard feelings, I know any attempt I would make to write a book would not conclude with positive results.


My only real objections to Thai book was that I could not put it down. From the first page I was hooked. I was lucky enough to have lived through this period in time and I was a page and a staff member for a congressman during the early 1960’s. I remember a number of the people talked about in this book. Many of them are truly great people who worked for our government because they believed in our government and the people they served. Thanks Jake for taking me back to that time in history where anything seemed possible. Your story does answer some of the questions that I saw and wondered why these things were happening. I know the book is fiction but it maybe the answers for many questions.


Slow, slow read. Then all of a sudden in the last 75-100 pages, unrealistic drama occurs. Don’t waste your money. Jake should stick to the news.


This book had lots of interesting material with which to work, but the writing and character development were almost painful to read. He is a non historian trying to fit in every historical fact he knows without developing a continuity of story telling. The characters are superficial. Margaret is a professional woman who is rescued out of the blue literally in midstream by her husband who is supposed to be states away; he swoops into the ocean to rescue her and a pony.


Jake please keep the fiction coming. Really well done.