Twisted Prey PDF Download

Twisted Prey PDF Download

By: John Sandford
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-04-24


Great read as always. !! Woodman

leftfoot lake

Great read and a good conclusion


No Virgil, but plenty of good Lucas in Washington DC.


Another great book by John Sandford. Just can’t put it down until you’re finished. Keep writing more!!


Outstanding book a must Read

Mike Walnut Creek

I just started reading this series and the previous two books were great. This one, however, was boring beyond belief. I couldn’t even finish it.


I’m a huge fan of John Sandford’s Prey series but I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as I have all the others. I struggled to finish it and kept putting it aside. Not his best work.


This has to be the best one yet. Always liked these books. As a former Police Officer who grew up in Minneapolis, I knew the areas that he wrote about. This just carried forward into the Virgil Flowers series. I even like the reference to Joe. Keep them coming, I’ll keep reading.

Felepe Blanco

To clarify: I’ve read every book (every “Prey” book) written by the author, beginning with his first, “Rules of Prey.” For the most part each book was chilling and hard to put down ... until this one. This book was uneventful and boring. No shootouts, no edge of the seat thrills, no great mystery ... nothing at all typical of Lucas Davenport. No excitement, just a dull book written by a guy who seems more motivated to just keep the money coming in. I struggled just to finish it. Shame on you, John!!


Great book.


I’ve read most all of novels Mr Sanford has written and have to say this was one of his best. It kept my interest from page one to the end.


This book is a page turner. I have read all of his book and loved them all. Read his books and you will also love his books.