I've Got My Eyes on You PDF Download

I've Got My Eyes on You PDF Download

By: Mary Higgins Clark
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-04-03


I rolled my eyes at the trite dialogue so many times they hurt. The esteemed author should have at least interviewed some teenagers if she’s going to attempt to replicate their manner of speaking and partying. Bottom line this read like a 1950’s Donna Reed episode. Yes, that banal.


Excellent and fast paced read! Been a while since I read something this gripping. Loved it.


Enjoyed this book but kind of new who the culprit was before the end, which for me is saying a lot. It was a good read & I think others will enjoy it.

author Patricia Harman



Great read, but I figured out who did it very early in the book. That was a little disappointing, but Clark writes very well.

Leanne Angela

Great book!

William Teddy P

I started skimming as I had called who had done the murder quickly. I suppose not as much mystery in this story.