A Higher Loyalty PDF Download

A Higher Loyalty PDF Download

By: James Comey
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-04-17

Dissapointedzombie killer

Garbage book from a liar and leaked.


That there was a question in the media of whom to believe (Comey or Trump) is a complete travesty, as this dedicated head of the FBI endured having his name dragged through the mud by so-called conservative patriots who seriously considering as true the word of our pathologically lying president. Both political tribes have attacked Comey for trying to do his job in a non-partisan way; this may be the key sign of his probity.


It was certainly an eye-opener on what really went on behind the scenes. How 1 man standing up for what’s right can change the way we are heading as a nation. There was a lot of what was said that the bias media twisted to fit the crooked current administration. If only we had more like Mr. Jim in positions of authority that would make the tough decisions and do what is right and not play the political games. I can only hope that he is one day on the ballot to be voted for cause he certainly has my vote!!!

T-Bone Homer

It was a most interesting read which brought out the real duties of the three branches of government and educated me on the entirely three separate branches of government & how they reacted during, what I call the perfect storm of partisan politics. It made me proud to be an American on how James Comey handled this crazy time in Politics, & how he took the hit and did the right thing. I would be more than happy to have James Comey on my team👍🏻🙏🏻 Truth is power💙🙏🏻


I salute James Comey for the book. It takes a lot of moral courage to share the truth and to encourage his readers to speak the truth against a President who can’t speak any truth!

Bill R1423

This is a book that should be read by every member of the government from the line staff in departments to serving congressional members. Mr. Comey has laid out how continued silence on the actions of unethical and ego-driven president will harm us in-ways we cannot currently foresee, but the strength of our nations values will be stronger and wiser for the current dumpster fire that is our current time in history. Thank you sir for being a true confident leader.



B 1284

Nothing here that isn’t already public knowledge, if there was Comey would be in jail for writing it!


Comey is a criminal. U support a criminal by buying this trash.


Sanctimonious drivel, childish prose from a proven liar. Unreadable.


Maintaining power for a given political party seems to be more important than maintaining basic values. The deafening silence of the Republic members of Congress coupled with the indifference of many Americans to accept Trump’s redefinition of these basic values gives me pause. Comey’s logical and ethical recount of his actions at the FBI, however, give me hope. The hope that government institutions have more officials with integrity that will act and speak up to reverse this damaging chapter of American politics and lack of basic values.


An excellent book in all respects! It should be a required reading for all college studen