Hardcore Twenty-Four PDF Download

Hardcore Twenty-Four PDF Download

By: Janet Evanovich
Genre: Women Sleuths, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2017-11-14

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I love these books but now that they number 24, I really wish we as readers did not have to be reintroduced to all the characters every time. I think by now, people could figure out to start with book one and e en if they didn’t they would still get to know the characters.


Firstly, i reviewed this book when it came out and my review disappeared. As did all the others I read. Weird. The Stephanie Plum series has been one of my favorites. I was incredibly disappointed with this lackluster entry. This book is not nearly as entertaining or well crafted as her previous books. And like many reviews I've seen, I agree that Diesel does not belong in the regular Stephanie Plum universe. I hate that she not brought him into this regular installment. It would be disappointing if this trend continued.


I’ve read all her numbers book and I had hoped the characters would have grown from the first book. But they haven’t. Story line was a good one but nothing else changed.