Ship of Fools PDF Download

Ship of Fools PDF Download

By: Tucker Carlson
Genre: Politics & Current Events,
Relase Date: 2018-10-02


Fact check your crap you loser! Worthless dribble that needs to be removed perma.

william Holbert

Many good facts but it left Me flat. Maybe we deserve Trump because of all the Moronic Libs and Leftists. I think He's doing well. So I was a little confused. We don't want Libertarian idiot who ran last time.


This book is very honest. It unleashed the ugly realty of left.I am an immigrant and I left the plantation. Left don’t own me ,they can’t dictate me who to vote or how to live my life. I am proud supporter of President Trump

Judge GB

An alarming look at how elitist groupthink and establishment politicians are destroying the constitutional foundations of our great country.


Tucker=Truth...whether you like it or not!


Ship of Fools With most political books, I read a little each day, because I want to learn but don’t find the books enthralling. But with “Ship of Fools,” I couldn’t want to continue reading. Fact checks will verify his info. Who should read the book that is now the #1 New York Times bestseller? If you are a Facebook user, an environmentally-conscious consumer, parents with children in publich schools, someone who is against all forms of racism or sexism, or simply someone concerned about and interested in facts about the changes in our governmental leadership in the last several decades, you need to read “Ship of Fools.” I am very well-read and well-informed about current events, but this is the most informative book that I have ready in many years. This refreshing book is neither pro-Trump nor anit-Trump, though he factors in to some of the changes. With a blend of facts based on thorough and dependable research, along with common sense, Tucker Carlson “tells it like it is.” He gives the history that many don’t know, about the current issues, then provides behind-the scenes context that helps the reader understand the full situation, not just the sound byte on the news. Then he provides solutions for the problems tearing at the fabric of America. “Ship of Fools” should be required reading for every college student. It should be part of the balanced and diverse “Core” requirements, if there is such a thing, any more. If you read only one political book this year, do yourself a favor and read this one.


Tucker does a great job at catalyzing the Frump elections in a way that doesn’t lean on right or left dogma. This book explains our old friend that is still around, alive and kicking-democracy.


Great read


With our world becoming more insane everyday, I have been looking for the "why." Tucker builds on his brilliant TV show and drills down on how we got here. Clearly we are at a turning point as to what America will be. Read this book to make up your own mind. This is a thought provoking book.


It’s not left or right, democratic or republican, liberal or conservative. Tucker simply asks common sense questions about the hypocrisy in politics, and sheds some light on topics that should be important to every American. I will recommend to all my family and friends (and maybe a complete stranger or two).

saipan smith

Excellent and easy to read!!!


Love everything about Tucker, especially the way he expresses his opinion. Great book! Thanks!