Next Year in Havana PDF Download

Next Year in Havana PDF Download

By: Chanel Cleeton
Genre: Fiction & Literature,
Relase Date: 2018-02-06


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Dingle Fringle

Too much history to enjoy the story. I couldn’t finish it. I was disappointed after reading the reviews raving about it. It just was too heavy.

Anne Carson Brady

In one week we travel to Cuba for the first time. My parents were set to vacation there 60 years ago, when plans had to change for political reasons. How fortunate I discovered Next Year Havana before my journey. I now feel a deeper measure of the pain and the passion as well as the beauty and heart that awaits! A magnificent book that magnifies the priceless treasure of freedom! Anne Carr


Full of Cuba’s history told through the voices of different generations. I found myself Googling facts and locations. I want to follow the families stories in a future book!


Such a profoundly moving account of Cuba, then and now, of the love and hate, the faith and hope, the broken promises and broken hearts of all who lived and loved there. An open window into a place most of us can never go.


This book is beautifully written. It is a tale of love, passion and uncertainties that lay ahead for the main characters. I was engaged from the beginning and the author makes beautiful transitions from past to present.

Leon Bella

Totally enjoyable read with drama, mystery and romance. A must for anyone ha boring romantic notions about Cuba.


I tried so hard to get into this book and in the end, i didn’t even finish it. It was all most too much of Cuba’s history and took away from the love story.

~Mindy Lou~

What incredible imagery this author created. I was just a few chapters in and already had the urge to google Havana, Cuba trying to find the homes being described in 1958. This was a very unique book for me. Full of Cuban politics and flashing back and forth in time between two couples. One in 1958 and one in present time. Elisa and Pablo. Marisol and Luis. Grandmother and granddaughter. Their lives so different but so similar when they meet the love of their life. I can't get over how the author was able to bring both their stories to life in the way that she did. The struggles in Cuba that just seems so helpless in both times. The type of men they both fell in love with and their struggle with doing right by their country over personal wants. This book was more than a romance book. It was also a history lesson, a cultural lesson through the eyes of two very strong women and their men. Don't judge me but I'm not a fan of politics or history so the fact that the author had me mesmerized is no small feat. This book did not end on a cliffhanger but I also felt it wasn't over. I'm hoping this means she plans to write more. ARC provided by NetGalley.