Educated PDF Download

Educated PDF Download

By: Tara Westover
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-02-20



Kirtan katie

Just spent a harrowing week reading this memoir. I’ll never forget this story, and the powerful characters within it. Especially because it’s a true story- or as true as can be from Memory. Thank you Tara for your courage. This is a tale of a survivor and I will recommend it to friends.




In the same category as the Glass Castle. So tragic, so engaging, and so eye opening. Wow.


Best book I have read all year and I read a lot of books. You will not be disappointed in this memoir about overcoming the odds of a neglectful childhood. If you have any interest in ACE’s studies and the resiliency of early childhood trauma, this book will grip you and leave you cheering.


Finished in less than a week, reading it every night. I had a bully sister and brought brother, no where to the extent that Ms. Westover did, but anticipating getting hit all the time left me dealing with anxiety. It was an interesting look at Mormonism from the fundamentalist side.


Could not put it down


Simply amazing. A surprising book about such strength and perseverance even in great adversity. I loved it. Thank you.

African Grey Timnah

Excellent, fast read. She overcame who her parents demanded she be. I imagine she still mixes them but has learned to protect herself. Continue to shine Tara.


Could not put this one down despite the anxiety the words produced. So much abuse the writer’s words are palpable. But this book is also healing. The depth of this writing is mesmerizing.


Truly awe- inspiring. This is my first recommendation when people ask me for a book to read.

Michele in Memphis

Have you ever been in a reading rut where you just weren’t interested enough in a book to finish it? Well that’s where I was before reading Educated. I could not put this book down... I think one thing that makes this book so compelling is that it is so relatable. While her story is from an extreme background she tells it in a way that you can relate to pieces of your own life. I have recommended this book to a few people who have all loved it too...