War Storm PDF Download

War Storm PDF Download

By: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


I’ve followed this series from the start. This book gave me the closure I wanted and I was completely fine with the way this turned out. I’m happy to be apart of Mare Molly Barrow’s journey, and I’m happy that I was here for the wonderful ending that I was given.


I couldn’t put this down throughout the series. However, the ending was extremely disappointing and made the entire series feel like a waste.


I can't believe how bad this book ended and how long it took to get to that bad ending. I loved the first three books, and could not put them down. I even re-read all three plus the two novelettes to have them fresh in my mind. The battle scenes are so drawn out, and the flipping alliances just get out of control. Also, if you have any homophobia, do not read it at all. I’m not, but the amount of homosexual material felt pushed and unnecessary. Eve and Elana is a beautiful story of love, but the rest just feel like political statements and are overdone, especially the ones tossed in at the end with Mare’s family.

Game lover3067

Are you kidding me.... I read all of the books when they practically first came out, and the series ends without a clear ending. So heartbroken for what could have been.


I think the ending could have been more explained, but the finale I get. The book is long but could have used more back stories because you really end up becoming invested in the cause. I do feel this could turn into more books so hopefully this won’t be the end. Maybe a movie!


Regret buying this book. The ending was awful and upsetting. I read all of the books for this series back to back. No pause! I wasted so much time. I won’t be reading any of this authors books. Truly disappointing.


If she were to write 10 more to this series I would be first in line to buy them!


Please make more because i cant get enough of this author


I have the hard back book and let me just say this while serious messed me up and I was all good and dandy till I hit a certain chapter were I guess it all began but I give props to the author because it was the first time I cried over a book multiple times I’m surprised I was able to go on after I finished it but the ending of the series messed me up even more I was a little disappointed but it made sense it gave a good message and I’m forever sad it’s over but I can still re read it tho :)))

Olympic Figure Skater

I absolutely love this series best book yet and I think we need more there is no way this can be the last book especially with that kind of ending we need more Victoria!!!

slient bookworm

This books was an epic way to end this series. This whole series is full of drama and action in a dystopian world. I would definitely recommend this book!


I LOVED this series but the ending was a little disappointing