The Woman in the Window PDF Download

The Woman in the Window PDF Download

By: A. J. Finn
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-01-02

Frisco Grandma

Totally kept my interest! I was not expecting the plot twist! Truly enjoyed this read!


I couldn’t put this book down. A smart, thrilling read.


At first I thought this was going to be another boring procedural where I knew the killer by the third chapter. I got that wrong and so much more. No spoilers here but really don’t skip a single page.

real find

I stumbled on this book. Read some reviews, and I am happy I got this. Love the way the author keeps your interest. Never saw the ending coming. Great read!,


Took time to get into the book . Good thriller


I read 50-60 books a year. I read reviews to decide if it is worth reading. I see things like “a page turner” and “hard to put down”. Not sure I believe them all. Actually never had a book I couldn’t put down- until this one. If I didn’t have to sleep I would’ve read it in one sitting. I don’t write reviews- until this one. Couldn’t NOT write a review because this was, by far, the best book I’ve ever read.


A book to twist your imagination and the captivating the true reality of mental illness. This book will keep you up all night. Page turner. Must read book of the summer.


I totally enjoyed this book. Very well written with a good story line.


Mostly boring and anticlimactic. Too many pages to say very little, frustrating characters and predictable.


I found this book to be predictable and redundant. I did not care for it at all and would Not recommend it.

cindi a

Really enjoyed this book! Almost felt like Anna was a neighbor of mine! Unexpected turns all the way to the end! One of those books you just want to keep reading straight through till you're done! Highly recommend!


From start to finish, a great read. Lots of surprises as you get into the meat of this novel. I could not put it down.