Tom Clancy Point of Contact PDF Download

Tom Clancy Point of Contact PDF Download

By: Mike Maden
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-06-13

News Guy 88

I think we continue to buy these books because we long for the quality Tom Clancy brought us in the past. This book does not have that level of quality. The ending is very disjointed and fails to tie it all together. My first impression was that someone was up against a deadline and didn't have the time to allow for a properly constructed ending. As a result, the reader is left hanging and there is no smooth transition to completion. I literally had to go back to make sure I wasn't missing something....kind of like going from point "A" to point "G". Won't be buying these any more.


Always have been a fan of the Clancy series. This was the worst I've read. Got within 100 pages of the end and didn't, care about the ending and just stopped reading. Waste of money and time.

JPB 9871

A pretty good read. Not as well done as some of Clancy's own books(but certainly as good as some of Clancy's later works).

David Pastalaniec

I have read almost all the novels written by other writers in Clancy's universe. This is the first one to significantly miss the mark. 2/3 of the way through I felt cheated of my time and money. The plot twists are too far-fetched and disconnected to make sense. The actions of Jack Ryan Jr. we're too violent and conscious free for the situation.


I am a long time fan and am shocked by the poor quality of this book. In truth I am even more saddened by the closing pages of the book which seem only present as a mechanism to stir my emotional ties to the deep history that Clancy developed.


I was pleasantly surprised at what a great read this was. Mike Maden did a terrific job paying homage to the Clancy franchise while creating new characters. Interesting dive into the world of forensic accounting and cyber crime without getting lost in the weeds. All in all a very satisfying novel.


Excellent book. Author writes a story that befits Tom Clancy himself, maybe better.


I am grateful other authors are trying to carry on the storyline, but Mike Maden missed the mark. I typically have a hard time putting down a Tom Clancy book, but I struggled to get through Point of Contact. The dialogue between characters was painful, and almost juvenile. Even the characters' inner dialogue was cheesy. Luckily, the plot was strong enough to get me to the end of the book.


Can't complain too much. A good quick read. Oh how I miss the 1,000 page intricate plot twists of the original Clancy novels.


It's all about the money - that's the only conclusion I can make as to why the owners of the Tom Clancy marketing machine keep pushing this drivel on us. Let the man rest - his legacy was amazing, but this ongoing use of characters that were best retired when Mr. Clancy passed continues to tarnish and smear a great author's name.


Couldn't put it down. I get lack of sleep every time I read his books.


Enjoyed the book. Fun guy reading