The Consort PDF Download

The Consort PDF Download

By: K.A. Linde
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2017-10-10

Rachael Leissner

I finished this book over a week ago and have been struggling on how to review it during the book hangover I've had. There is no way to reveal the plot or any portion of it without spoiling the whole adventure. In true Linde fashion, Kyla has continued the adventure we have been on with Cyrene since The Affiliate. Perhaps one of the most fun things about this series for me is in the re reads before the current release. Going back to our characters to refresh on what all transpired last has been fun with The Affiliate and The Bound has been such a whirlwind of magic, romance and most of all suspense. In the latest book, The Consort, we pick right back up where we left off in The Bound. Cyrene is held prisoner for a crime she didn't commit and feels her whole world shift as she goes from being on top of the world to being thrown into a dungeon. While I can say nearly all the questions I've had lingering since the conclusion of The Bound were answered, there are so many twists and turns now that leave me with even more questions. This book is packed with the angst I always expect from a K.A. Linde book, but she has truly brought something else into this novel I don't even know how to describe. Myself not being a fantasy reader, at all, I have found myself emersed in the entire Ascension series. Between the love interests that have unfolded through out these three books, to the unexpected suspense and mystery surrounding Cyrene and her magic, this book with put you through the ringer and throw you out on the other side with the most unexpected book hangovers of your life! *I received an ARC of this book at my request and am providing this voluntary review*

Wookiee 45

5 stars for - The Consort - book three in The Ascension series by the immensely talented K.A. Linde. Due to a building storyline all the books in this series must be read in order ( book one is The Affiliate and book two is The Bound). We pick up right after the intense cliffhanger ending of book two with everyone truly shocked at all that has transpired in the nine months that Cyrene has been gone from Byern. Cyrene wakes up in a prison being accused of things she could have never imagined and being sold out by the man she thought loved her above all else. The next thing she knows she is on her way back to Byern of all places! Arriving in Byern is bittersweet for Cyrene, her beautiful country has been ravaged by a drought - having not had any rain since the day she left nine months before - what was once so beautiful is now so barren. Cyrene is forced to stay in the Nit Decus castle with Prince Kael and the other high orders as it was previously declared by the king. She realizes it as a ploy until Edric stuns them all and declares he is making Cyrene his Consort replacing Daufina permanently. This is not at all something she wants and will do whatever she can to get out of the situation, but Edric is adamant going as far as making threats to keep her in line. How far will Cyrene go to get away from the dreaded Dremylons? What price will she have to pay? This was some of Linde's best writing to date - full of mystery, intrigue, suspense and danger it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish! Just when you think you figured things out something else happens! Book four can't get here soon enough for me.


When you think about this series and the fact that K. A. Linde has created a whole world, you feel pretty impressed. Perhaps what impresses you most is Linde's attention to detail and her consistency. She knows her world, her characters, and her story, and she is faithful to them in this series. The Consort represents the emotional nadir of The Ascension Series (so far, at least). Cyrene is at her lowest in every sense: she is imprisoned in a dungeon for a crime she did not commit, she is removed from those she loves, she mourns losses she suffered in The Affiliate and The Bound, and she feels that she has no choice but to trust someone she could never imagine trusting, Prince Kael Dremylon. I KNOW, RIGHT? All of this time spent imprisoned forces Cyrene to examine what brought her here, which, in turn, means that Linde gives you even more information about Cyrene and that Doma. At the same time, Linde treats you to a reunion of sorts with characters you met in the previous books. Well, sometimes it's a treat. Sometimes you're reading about people you wish you would never see again. And there is romance. Ah, romance. Cyrene, so lucky despite that whole jailed-for-a-crime-she-didn't-commit thing, has not one, not two, but THREE men vying for her affections. Which one do you think she should choose? Your vote, like mine, may vacillate from chapter to chapter. By the end of the book, you likely will feel so emotionally spent that you aren't sure what to think. Because, dear reader, K. A. Linde will BREAK YOUR HEART. You know, based on the first two books, that people you care about will die. In having Cyrene face her darknesses, Linde also makes her face her losses, old and - I am sad to report - new. Then again, if some of these folks lived to see another book, it wouldn't feel genuine. It would feel too contrived, and that is one thing that this Ascension series never is. This book is an adventure, from start to finish. Some pages, you will read with tears in your eyes, and others you will read with a sigh on your lips Fans of the series will gobble up this book ... and then you will clamor for the next one because there is quite the cliffhanger at the end.


Wow! I don't even know where to begin. Reading this felt just like I was living in the story. So many answers yet so many secrets left to uncover. Cyrene has been on a journey of self discovery and I do believe she has finally found her purpose! Team Cyrene forever! This series is so magical. It's so easy to get lost in the pages. Each page paints a vivid tale of secrets, magic, and you literally feel like your chest will explode before you can turn to the next page. I can't wait to see what Cyrene uncovers next!