The Wright Boss PDF Download

The Wright Boss PDF Download

By: K.A. Linde
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-05-16

Yani Morales

♥ The Wright Boss ♥ Another great read from K.A. Linde. You may remember Jensen Wright... and may have even fallen in love with... that is until you meet Landon Wright, the sexy but sometimes DUMB younger brother. Married to a total Gold Digging PSYCHO... we are not going to mention her name. Golf career is in danger. At times making DUMB mistakes... (hence the "sometimes DUMB" line) Heart of GOLD, because if he didn't have a good heart and trusting, he wouldn't make those DUMB mistakes... Heidi- Landon's ex-high school sweetheart who is now is dating his older brother, best friend. Did you understand that??? Yes, she's the girl he hung out with in High School many, many times, while hooking up with her best friend. Engineer career at risk for mixing work & PLEASURE Firecracker Landon gets hurt, leaves his PSYCHO wife and ends up working at his family’s company and now becomes Heidi's BOSS... They just click. They have history. They are attracted to each other. Ahhh the angst was killing me... they sexiness was killing me... I just LOVED Heidi's attitude. Prepare yourself for some amazing fights, sex, bickering, and games! "Landon Wright is kissing me. It was amazing. The best thing that had ever happened to me. He was fulfilling every fantasy I'd had in the back of my head over the last eight months. How many times had i imagined him doing this exact thing??” ..."Whoa!" I yelled at him I took another step back from him. Putting distance between us was the only way i wasn't going to give in again. "Whoa! Married!" ..... YEAH... ENJOY!!! --* ARC provided for honest review!

Wookiee 45

4 stars for - The Wright Boss - a complete stand-alone about another member of this Texas family which we have come to love and adore. The Wright family gives new meaning to the term dysfunctional but when push comes to shove they all join together to find solutions to the problems whether they be internal or external. This time around it's Landon's chance at happiness, but he has a long way to go to make that happen. Heidi Martin is one of the hardest working engineers at Wright construction and enjoys excelling in her male dominated field. Heidi has been crushing on the worst possible person as of late and decides to forget about him once and for all when it is announced that she will have a new boss and as luck would have it is the man that stars in every one of her dreams. Thank god Heidi has strict rules about never dating anyone she works with. Landon Wright is done with his wretched shrew of a wife and moves back home to Lubbock to not only physically heal from his injuries, but mentally heal from his divorce. Landon has wanted Heidi for as long as he can remember, but now that he is her boss, company policy prohibits that from happening. The attraction that he has for her though is incredible and he doesn't know how long he will be able to resist. This was a smoking hot, sexy love story that was incredibly easy to read. All the members of the Wright family were present and accounted for in this one and we even got a glimpse of things to come with Austin. I can't wait to see where she goes with the next story since things were looking rather intense :)


Hot and sexy with very intriguing characters. I fell in love with Heidi in The Wright Brother and I love her even more now. She's so spunky and Landon is swoon!!

Christine Miller28

There is something about the Wright family that I have completely fallen for. Landon intrigued me in the first book, so I couldn't wait to read his story. Landon and Heidi have a connection. They grew up together and Heidi was the best friend to Landon's high school girlfriend. Now Emery is dating Landon's best friend and Landon is married, but his marriage is on the rocks. When he realizes that Heidi is who he wants in his life, he finds the strength to finally cut the cord on his marriage. Heidi knows that dating Landon could be all sorts of messy, but she takes a chance on him and on them. The author's writing in this story is flawless. I love that we met these characters in the first book and this book continues to build on the family and their bond. It can be read as a stand alone book, but I think if you read The Wright Brother, it really will enhance the read for you. This family is a strong, bonded family and I hope they all get a story! Great read!