Worth the Risk PDF Download

Worth the Risk PDF Download

By: K. Bromberg
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


Welllll. I flipping loved this book. I loved all the Malone brothers. (What’s not to love right!?) This book is about Grayson, he has a precious son Luke who is 7-8 years old. Love that kid. Toooo sweet for words. Grayson was burned by Luke’s mom in such a way he no longer desires to have a female in his or Luke’s life long term. He’s a great guy and doesn’t treat women poorly. Ha just doesn’t want the around his kid. Enter Sidney. Previous wealthy resident of their town. They went to high school together. And she was tight with the dreadful woman who gave birth to Luke. So. She knocks on his door to get him in a hot dad contest that her magazine is running and he shuns her. Eventually he agrees agrees. Their chemistry is off the chart. If you are wanting a book you feel all the way from your tear ducts to your core. This. Is. It. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming. Literally Ms Bromberg does not disappoint, per usual. Plot is spot on. Development is great. You will fall head over heels in love with these characters. I highly recommend this!!!

Debbie Rice

Well Luke just stole this book!! Great 8 yr. old child desperate for a mother.Grayson and Sidney I wanted to slap them a couple of times stubborn but I loved this book I highly recommend this book!!


All the feels...perfect love story!


K. Bromberg most definitely saved the best for last!!! Worth The Risk is everything I wanted and more. I've been anxiously waiting to read Grayson's story and it was well worth the wait. Grayson and Sydney's story is a well written, sweet and contemporary romance. Of course this would not be a K. Bromberg story without some angst. There were also passionate, sizzling and steamy moments between Grayson and Sydney to which I truly enjoyed. I fell in love with both of them immediately as their story is heartwarming and geniune. I have to say that my favorite character is Grayson's son, Luke. This little boy just stole my heart and I adored his character. Worth The Risk is a definite must read!!!


This book was amazing. Your an amazing writer. I have read all your books.


I've been waiting for Grayson Malone, and not only was he worth the risk, he was worth the wait. I, hands-down, think the best Malone brother was saved for last. I knew from Grant and Grady's books that Grayson was the single dad, and FINALLY, I got answers to my "where's Luke's momma?" question. For the record, it wasn't what I was thinking. This story was everything I love about Kristy's writing — a solid story that pulls you in and characters who get under you and demand you feel their emotions. No matter how much I tell myself I won't cry...it's all lies. At 91% I was sobbing to myself and all up in my feelings, like let me take my glasses off and just press this tissue into my eyes as hard as I can to stop the tears cry lol. Don't fear, though, Kristy makes those hard times worth it ;-) Each book in this series was a favorite until I read the next brother, but undoubtedly Grayson's story is my favorite. It's different than his brother's and his backstory left him a little more broken and hardened to finding love. Maybe it's my favorite because of Grayson's son, Luke. I'm a sucker for kids in books and Luke was a sweetheart, charming, and funny. Maybe it was Sydney and Grayson being total opposites, yet dynamite together and brought out the best in each other. I'm thinking it was all of the above.


Grayson and Sydneys story is one I've been dying to read . I mean hello another Malone brother that made me swoon fast and hard . But his son Luca is the cutest thing ever !!! How can you not love a single dad ?? Sydney is one heck of a heroine . I love her ! I was engulfed in this story from beginning to end . I LOVED IT !! K. Bromberg is one of my absolute favorite authors her story's always give you all the feels , HOT sexy scenes and a story that will stick with you .


Every time Kristy Bromberg puts a book out I am one of the first in line to get it. Each book out does the last. This single dad(who has a young son interested in where baby’s come from) reconnects with an acquaintance from his small home town. While Grayson tries to protect his son from any further hurt from any female in his dad’s life he can’t help but fall for Sidney. She is determined and assertive in her personality with her work yet caring and compassionate with not only Grayson but also his son. This book has a slow burn battle and definitely Worth The Risk.


Wow…I’m not even sure I can find the words to write a proper review. Is there something larger than a grand slam? A touchdown? A slam dunk? Because whatever that is, K. Bromberg far exceeded it! Worth the Risk was heartfelt, passionate, and angsty in all the best ways possible. The interconnected standalone made butterflies fly in my stomach, had me laughing out loud, and crying crocodile tears by the end. The characters were authentic with writing so vivid that it felt like the entire story was playing out before my very eyes. If you stop reading here and take nothing else away from this review, trust me when I say that Worth the Risk is a MUST read – 100% worth the risk on this author! 😉 “There’s no anger. There’s no retribution. There’s just my need to connect with someone—with her. There’s my need to feel like a man she wants rather than a man to fix her problems.” From what I had gathered about Grayson Malone in his brothers’ books, I knew that this story was going to rip me apart and hit me hard. As a single dad, he had always been so protective of his son and that shone brighter than ever in Worth the Risk. Even if I didn’t previously have a crush on him, there was just no way that I could have walked away from this book not utterly smitten with him, and I have a feeling readers all over will be feeling the same. Even though he could be beyond stubborn at times, and I may have wanted to smack some hardcore sense into him, there was something endearing about his mentality. Though it was painful at times to witness, it also felt authentic given the degree to which he had been burned. There was also something I instantly loved about Sidney. Though she initially came off as a bit of a princess, I could sense that there was something deeper to her personality. She was a loyal friend and dedicated to reaching her goals. Watching her transform throughout this novel was definitely a nice surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed. Together, these two characters could not have been more different. Yet, something about them just worked. Even in their moments of hateful banter, I was secretly rooting for them. They had their ups and their downs, but I wouldn’t have traded that journey for anything. “People change. Minds change. Sometimes it takes longer for a heart to forget what was done to it in the past.” I swear that Bromberg gets better and better with each new book she publishes. Worth the Risk had a little bit of everything that you could want – a slow burning romance set in a small town with a hot, single dad who can’t stand the heroine and isn’t afraid to show it. My stomach was in knots for a good portion of this romance until it exploded in butterflies. Naturally, the writing then took me on a rollercoaster ride that I never wanted to press the brakes on. She has a way of sucking you into the worlds she builds and I can’t ever get enough!


absolutely loved everything about this story!! First off its a K Bromberg story, so you know your getting all of her, her heart and soul reflected thru the words on every page. With this story she takes us back to Sunnyville, as we get to meet the newest of the Malone brothers, Grayson. He has become my favorite of the Malone boys, the quiet and reserved single father, wants nothing more in life than to be the best father to his son Luke, and continue on at his job as a rescue pilot. With his family living close by, Grayson is content with the quiet life he's built for he and his son, fiercely protective of Luke, he vows to never let his personal life get complicated. That is until Sidney Thorton comes knocking on his door!! Sidney Thorton, the smart and outspoken and sometimes self centered beauty works for her father at his publishing company. After missing a big meeting with a client, her father decides that Sidney needs a dose of reality to set in. Having been sheltered her whole life, never wanting for anything, her father decides its time for her to head back to Sunnyville to help rescue one of the magazines. If she can help save Modern Family she'll earn her way back into her fathers good graces. Upon returning to her small hometown and getting to work on the magazine, she decides to promote a Hot Dads contest, knowing this would bring her right back to the doorstep of her former classmate Grayson Malone!!! Grayson at first reluctant to believe her story of the contest, and his popularity in it, soon realizes his two brothers have entered him without his knowledge. After some misgivings about the contest, he decides to take part, knowing this will keep him in close proximity to the brown haired beauty. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to fight the insane amount of attraction they begin to feel for each other. But Grayson's been burned from his past relationship with Luke's mom, who up and left them both. Sidney knows how badly he's been hurt, and she knows she can't cross the line with her job. But fighting her feelings for this strong and luscious man is getting harder every day she's around him. Will they decide what they feel for each other is worth the risk, or is just something they will deny to each other?? K Bromberg tells an emotionally charged story, with two people who's lives we're headed on different paths, until fate intervened, bringing them back together again. Its romantic, touching and infused with that classic Bromberg humor, that we love so much!!


Worth the Risk by K Bromberg is DEFINITELY worth the fish to read. I loved Grady in the previous 2 books about his brothers and was anxiously waiting for this story. You will instantly fall in love with Grady and how much he loves his son Luke. We see the story of Sidney and Grady. They were high school classmates. This is a great representation of how people from totally diff backgrounds can move past hurt and bitterness. Sidney is fighting to prove something of herself and Grady is just plain fighting. Both having something to prove doesn’t help them become friends. You will laugh and yell at the characters throughout the book. One thing is for sure you will Fall in love with the story. I definitely give this book a 5 star rating. This author does not disappoint.

B at Prisoners of Print

K. Bromberg delivers another unforgettable Malone brother with Grayson’s story in Worth the Risk. From the very first page, I was hooked on Sidney and knew she was the woman who could make Grayson fall. K. Bromberg didn’t disappoint, serving up plenty of delicious tension with this duo. Grayson and Sidney’s story was the kind of emotional rollercoaster that breaks your heart before carefully piecing it back together. Their electric chemistry felt effortless as they shared a push and pull that had me totally addicted. The inexplicable spark K. Bromberg has crafted between these two characters had me thoroughly invested, and I found myself unable to put this book down. Grayson was every bit the scorned, protective, and cocky man I thought he’d be and then some. A single father, he’d been burned too deeply to ever easily open his heart again. However, it was precisely those wounds that made me feel so sincerely for this character. K. Bromberg did a phenomenal job revealing the vulnerable, thoughtful, and playful side of Grayson as the story progressed, allowing readers to connect with the man that was desperate for someone to really work for him. I adored seeing Grayson with Luke and appreciated how fiercely he loved his son. By the time all was said and done, K. Bromberg had me totally sunk for this hero. Sidney was equally intriguing, although in an entirely different way. She wore her heart on her sleeve, desperate to prove herself worthy. Hardworking, strong, and loyal, it was easy to feel for this feisty heroine. As Sidney fought for Grayson’s heart, and to prove herself to her father, K. Bromberg unraveled her completely, laying the character’s insecurities and fears bare. Sidney’s relationship with Rissa and the friendship they built also gave me a greater appreciation for Sidney’s true character. She was relatable in a way that allowed me to appreciate her personal evolution as she grew alongside Grayson over the course of their journey. As always, K. Bromberg rounded out this novel with plenty of fantastic secondary characters. Both Luke and Rissa stole the show a time or two, and I adored seeing the other Malone brothers again as they settled into their happily ever afters. The author’s writing is as spectacular as ever. Overflowing with brilliant imagery, thoughtful prose, and plenty of witty banter, I couldn’t get enough of this novel. At times I was incredibly frustrated, Grayson and Sidney’s personal hang-ups took a toll on my patience as I desperately waited for them to get to their happily ever after. I’m happy to say it was absolutely worth the wait just as this couple discovered that love really is Worth the Risk!