My Husband's Wife PDF Download

My Husband's Wife PDF Download

By: Jane Corry
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-01-31

Game lover31

It started out long but was a page turner towards the end


The writer did a great job and the twist were very good!


I didn’t really care for this book :( It seemed like there was a lot crammed in the end of the book. And just too much tragedy. It didn’t leave you feeling good in the end. Unsettling


The premise of the book is good but the storyline falls a little flat. It’s pretty easy to “guess what’s going to happen next.” The characters are fairly one dimensional and hard to relate to personally. Also, the author’s writing style is a bit unconventional in that she tends to jump around timelines and the flow is off at some points. It was a nice try, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark.


Jane Corey keeps you on your toes on this novel. Nothing is as it seems. A must read!


“Part 1” is BRILLIANT and captivating. “Part 2” is slightly rushed feeling and somewhat chaotic/all over the place.


This book is all over the place. It seems the author was not sure what to do next so to be safe left all options open... I disliked all characters.


I feel like the author had several ideas and decided to cram them all into one book regardless of whether that made sense or not. Like other reviewers, I hated the characters. I felt like the author breezes through major plot developments and left me wondering if I’d missed some details. I really did not like the writing style at all. (Also, I have never seen so many exclamation points in one book and as soon as I noticed it, it drove me crazy!).




Started off intriguing and captivating...but towards the middle end I didn’t care about any of the characters and was just ready to finish the book.


This book started out strong in the first half. During the second half, the plot was all over the place and the characters were no longer interesting or very well written. I finished it just to finish, but became bored.


This is a good and captivating book. I like the way she writes. Not entirely too much description but leaves room for imagination. Insinuates a lot without telling you exactly so you think you know what’s going on but you don’t really find out until she goes back to it much later and your like”ah i knew it”