Closer To You PDF Download

Closer To You PDF Download

By: Barbara Freethy
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-11-29


A Great Book!! It has suspence, warm loving characters, and dangerous elements.


Grace and Ian met through her estranged father asking him to deliver a package to her. Their attraction to each other and the threatening actions toward them bonded them together in a race to find out what was wanted from her. This stroy is suspensful with a lot of action and romance as well. I couldn't put this book down in my impatience to solve the mystery. The main characters were charming and kept me hoping they would be safe and get their HEA.


I really enjoyed Ian and Grace's story. I have to admit that based on the previous book that introduced us to Ian, I wasn't expecting such a fast-moving storyline. The engaging characters were very likeable and fun. The story had enough intrigue and suspense that I couldn't put it down during the evenings until I wasn't able to keep my eyes open any longer. I love this series and hope we get to read about many more Callaway family members!

Momma Tatty

Barbara Freethy continued the Callaway series with the incredible story of scientist Ian Callaway helping fellow scientist Seamus Donelan by delivering a package to his estranged daughter Grace who lives in Tahoe where Ian is attending a science convention. Ian wants to have a life besides always working but Grace sees Ian as a carbon copy of her dad always putting work before family. What happens as they get to know each becomes a mystery of who wants what from who to do what with. Surprise answers to the mystery left me in awe again of the story telling magic of Barbara Freethy. Another great addition to the Callaway series.


Seamus and Ian met while Ian and his 2 cousins went to Ireland on a trip in a previous book. Seamus sent Ian his great grandfathers journal but also sent him a package to deliver to his daughter Grace. She wanted nothing to do with her father, the package, or scientists which made this delivery difficult. While there a snowstorm come through which forces Ian to spend the night and makes the sparks between Grace and Ian hard to ignore. Suddenly both Grace's home and Ian's hotel room have been broken into. Is this a coincidence or does it have something to do with the package? I'm not going to go any farther as I don't want to give the whole story away. You must read this book you won't regret that. You don't need to read the whole series before this book but I highly recommend you do although you do need to read the previous novella Take me home before this book. I really enjoyed this book


Little did Ian Callaway know that when he agreed to do a favor and travel to Ireland for his Grandma, Eleanor (Take Me Home) would change his life forever. While in Ireland, Ian meets a fellow world-renowned scientist, Seamus Donelan. Seamus subsequently sends Ian to deliver a box to his daughter Grace. Grace and her father have an estranged relationship and is very wary of Ian. Fourtanely, for Ian at least, he gets snowed in at her home. Grace and Ian then have to deal with the dangers of her father's scientific career and to be able to survive Ian has to finally lean on his family. The relationship between Grace and Ian starts very slowly but heats up quickly when the danger arrives. Ian realizes his family can be a benefit to him and Grace rethinks her relationship with her father. You will love the newest Callaway update - Barbara does a great job of sprinkling little updates on many of your favorite Callaway's throughout the novel. Also, read all the way to the end to see if sweet Tyler receives his Christmas Wish.


Just when I think Barbara Freethy books can't get any better I read this one. I really wish the Callaway's were real people. I will never understand how authors come up with their ideas for books. Ian Callaway is one of the nicest people I've ever read about.He's nicknamed The Sexy Scientist by Barbara Freethy. I think he probably would be like that in real life.He goes to deliver a package as a favor for a friend and ends up falling in love with the friends daughter who he's delivering the package to. I really liked how Ian and Grace were both willing to relocate to be together. I don't know how that would work in most relationships.They are so great together. If you're not reading Barbara Freethy books then what are you waiting for?


What a great story! I love the mix of mystery and romance. Ian and Grace learn how to open up to love while fighting old hurts and trying to approach life a different way. The setting is wonderful and Barbara describes everything so well, it's as if you're right there with the characters. Another great one Barbara!!


CLOSER TO YOU the 11th book in her Calloway Series. Continuing as she briefly mentioned that it would be about Ian. Who is he, a scientist, feels he needs to live in the world, to change it. So, being tied to this thought, he is always traveling, and working non stop. He meets Seamus, an inventor and a scientist, also his mentor, on one of his travel, in Ireland. Thanksgiving he gets a box, and a message to deliver a package from Seamus, to his daughter Grace. How can he refuse, this small request. If the estranged daughter, Grace didn't want it, she could send it back. What does it contain that would connect them to the accident of Seamus, now in a coma. He might not believe in love, only logic, but Grace believes in love and magic. And they both need a miracle, to find out what is happening. Great story, for all to enjoy, and awaiting the next one "ONCE YOU'RE MINE" Given my voluntary review of ARC and my honest opinion.


This book is intriguing. It is full of mystery and romance. Closer to You picks up where Take Me Home ends. This is sexy scientist's Ian's story. Ian helps another scientist that he met in Ireland by delivering a box to his daughter, Grace. Grace is estranged from her father and has no tolerance for science. As a result of their meeting Ian and Grace appear to be in the middle of some sort of mystery surrounding Grace's dad. This book is great. I couldn't put it down. Loved the story.

Jen G F

ARC copy for honest review with no compensation and what a way to continue the Callaway series! ! ! This story is about Ian Callaway the scientist and Grace O’Malley (Donelan) second grade teacher (who says she doesn’t like science). Ian was in Ireland (book Take Me Home sets up the story line) and meets Seamus Donelan, Grace’s estranged father who has Ian’s great grandfather’s journals and while together they bond over the journals and their love for science. Ian sees a picture of Grace on his desk and his heart beat quicken but he doesn’t understand why. Not long after coming back to the US, he received a package from Seamus which he knows are his great grandfather’s journals but also included in the box is another box addressed to Grace. Seamus asks Ian to deliver the package while he attends a science conference in her hometown. Grace, who has been estranged from her father for over 10 years, doesn’t want to accept the package from Ian when he arrives at her home. She tries to explain to Ian that she wants nothing to do with her father or any package he has sent. When Ian asks why she explains that he chose science over his family so they severed all ties to him and that all scientists choose science over family. Their interaction with each other is awkward but has an underlining sexual tension that they both try to deny. After spending the night together, snowed in by a severe snowstorm unusual things start happening and they soon discover that trouble has followed them….homes being broken into, hotel room destroyed and a race against time to figure out what all this means……and who they can trust…. So many twists, turns, ups and downs that takes you on a wild ride….you will want to keep reading until you get to the final word of the book! ! Barbara Freethy sure knows how to keep you reading and wanting more of the Callaway family…..can’t wait for the next Callaway book…Dylan! !


I absolutely loved Ian and Grace's story. The best yet of the Callaways (although I say that after each book). . It was great to see how the "science nerd" falls in love with a school teacher. The story flowed well and was a great enough story that you wanted to keep reading to see what happens. A little mystery and suspense along with romance. Great ending (don't worry I won't give it away!). I am a huge fan of Barbara's and have not been disappointed yet. If you have not read the Callaways go ahead. I can guarantee you will not be sorry. If you have read them, do not hesitate to get this one. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Thanks Barbara for another great book!