Struck From the Record PDF Download

Struck From the Record PDF Download

By: K.A. Linde
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-06-07


Wow !!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and it was absolutely amazing !! Clay and Andrea have a very unconventional relationship that's worked for them for ten years till it doesn't anymore . Andrea wants more and it's up to Clay to decide what he wants . Their story was emotional , HOT and angsty !! It was everything and more than I expected .


I didn't think that K.A. Linde would be able to make me love Clay Maxwell as much as my man Brady. BUT HOLY S)&*- she did!!! Clay and Andrea's relationship is unconventional. I love the way K.A. Linde brought her angst game. I LOVED IT!!


Clay maxwell does not dissapoint. This complex story is beautifully told with lots of angst (as if we expected anything less from K.A. Linde.) lots of love, happiness and lots and lots of sexy!!! We all remember the bad boy we all loved to hate in the first Record books and the same bad boy does not dissapont. You see his growth as a person and you feel all he feels… Enjoy this journey told through the inner workings of Clay maxwell. so sit back, relax (or not) and enjoy! (definitely enjoy)


I was a huge fan of the Record series and fell in love with the love story of college reporter Liz Dougherty and ambitious, charismatic Brady Maxwell. I was intrigued by the entire Mawell family and especially with middle son, Clay. What was his story? What was the deal with his relationship between Clay and his seemingly indifferent girlfriend, Andrea. Well, this book definitely delves into all of that and Clay Maxwell gave Brady a run for his money with the swoon worthy things he did. He's so bad, but you can't help but love him. I also really loved seeing the relationship between Clay and Andrea. For years, they have had an open relationship and it has always worked for the, because the both understood the rules. Something happens though that skews both of their ways of thinking and the reader is taken on a ride of emotions. Absolutely loved this book! Cannot wait for Savannah's story!


I honestly can't get enough of The Maxwells! In Brady's books you get a little bit of Clay and from the glimpses we got I knew I needed more of the bad boy little brother. In this book you get the full story, the reason Clay has so much dislike for his brother and you get to see how Andrea fits into his life. I loved that we got to see Clay "grow up" and the relationship with Andrea evolve. As always K.A. Linde (the queen of angst) gave us plenty of twists and turns, but she tied it all up perfectly in the end. I loved this book!


This book. Dead. I'm so in love with Clay. I was so sure that there was no way that he could top Brady. He blew him out of the water. Clay has this sexy, domineering alpha thing going on. The chemistry between him and Andrea was off the chart with hotness. I loved getting to see more of Brady and Liz and the rest of the crew. That's probably one of my favorite parts of a series. Getting to see what the other characters are doing. Everyone who has ever read a KA Linde book knows she is the queen of angst. This book was no exception. She gives you that plus the sexy and romance parts you love. One thing that amazes me with this series is how much I normally refuse to read third person but Linde has this way of making me love it. I would read anything she writes. I can't wait for Savannah's book! I know it's going to be epic.


We first met Clay in Off The Record, I couldn't help but be intrigued by him and I was so excited when I found out he was getting his own book. This book had the Clay that we are used to seeing in the prior books but we also get another side of Clay. Growing up as Brady Maxwell's younger brother definitely made him feel like he wasn't good enough or smart enough. He put all this pressure on himself just to get out of Brady's shadow. My heart ached for Clay because he just wanted and needed his father's love and approval which is something we all want from our parents. Clay getting the closure he needed was heart warming. Andrea and Clay where do I begin? These two for the last 10 years have an agreement that works for them but some thing happens and everything changes. This was a tough time for both of them and I'm glad Clay stepped up and became the man I knew he could be. Seeing his love for Andrea made my heart swell. He loved his woman, defended his woman and stopped at nothing to make her happy. Clay definitely has that Maxwell trait when it comes to their ladies. can't wait for Savannahs book so we can get more of the glimpses of the gang. I also like the friendship Clay and Gigi struck up and that's what he needed to help him through his rough patch. Seeing Brady and Liz always puts a smile on my face. I can't wait for Savannah's book! As usual K.A. Linde has delivered again with this book. The writing was excellent, the storyline was superb. Linde has yet to disappoint me as an author! 4.5 Stars *arc was given by author in exchange for honest review*