Craving PDF Download

Craving PDF Download

By: Helen Hardt
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-05-03


Can’t put the book down! It’s amazing!


Def couldn’t put my phone down, loved it,great descriptiveness. It was a must to download and buy the rest of the series! Great writer


I couldn’t put this book down well my phone I should say lol I couldn’t stop reading it. It was great. I even guessed who that nico guy was at the end I had a hunch who he was I wanted to punch him lol I will definitely buy the rest of this series thank you very much for this great free book I can’t wait to find out what happens next

W1shful Th1nk3r

This book was so good. I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to reading the next one.


This book is amazing! I started 2 days ago and can’t wait to read Obsession! I am addicted. Much better than I had expected!!! Love it!❤️❤️


Read book one and two all in a two week span now I am now starting the third it’s invigorating and keeps you at suspense a highly recommended read




Completely unsatisfying. Nothing resolved. Characters who make no sense. Ridiculous plot drivers. I powered through hoping for a payoff. It never came.


I have read all nine of these books. Couldn’t put the books down. Looking forward to reading the next series.


Awesome story! On to the next one!!


Just when you think he’s about to give in he’s drawn back. I need more! And who’s the guy? “Phoenix tattoo”

Too Addicted 2

Easy, enjoyable and predictable read.