Craving PDF Download

Craving PDF Download

By: Helen Hardt
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-05-03


The best book ever! I can’t wait to read the others


This story pulled you in from the beginning. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. It was well written, and wasn’t just smut with filler. Like some other books in this genre. You could feel the heat, and the passion between the two main characters. The writing was done in a sexy, yet beautiful way. It was the right amount of dirty talk. I read this book in one day, and let just say that night my husband and I had a lot of fun. This book awakened something inside me, and for that I am grateful. Now onto book 2!


I was hooked from page one. Then as soon as Talon was introduced I began to fall in love with this broken character. I hope in the next few books in the series that him and Jade find the love and happiness they deserve.


I am so sorry I wasted time on this book- seems like this book turned out to be a lead-in for books to come. Feel like that should have been made clear. Found the characters to be unlikeable and the story line pretty non-existent and contrived. Have no interest in the others and am sorry I bothered with this book. Save your money and your time.

k _1988

I love the story read the book in 2 days and now on book 7 love it I just miss talon and jade but the story keeps getting more and more interesting!!!


Such an incredible story line.. makes you want to know more


Really good read, but so back and forth. Feels drug out and repetitive. Wanting to read the second, but hoping there’s more to the story.


This book has such a great story line. The author definitely leaves you wanting more. I’m really glad I started reading these books with only the last book needed to be written.

Lu, Lucy

Meh, didn’t really like that there was so much “sexual tension” that I couldn’t really enjoy the plot of the book. The characters go from uncomfortable with each other to hot and heavy so quick it kind of killed the rest of the story for me. I know it’s fictional but I found the unrealistic sexual expectations disappointing. Maybe just not for me....?


Can’t put the book down! It’s amazing!


Def couldn’t put my phone down, loved it,great descriptiveness. It was a must to download and buy the rest of the series! Great writer


I couldn’t put this book down well my phone I should say lol I couldn’t stop reading it. It was great. I even guessed who that nico guy was at the end I had a hunch who he was I wanted to punch him lol I will definitely buy the rest of this series thank you very much for this great free book I can’t wait to find out what happens next