Bullseye PDF Download

Bullseye PDF Download

By: James Patterson
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Police Procedural
Relase Date: 2016-08-01

Bassic Dave

Was this written to fulfill a contract obligation? Reminded me of a book report in school that I had completely forgotten about and had to finish in one night. Total waste of time. Mine and James Patterson's.


This was a great read. Patterson once again delivers an awesome story with engaging characters and a great story line.


Authors didn't bother to flesh out the charters or plot. Would have made a good comic book.


I finished the book. It did not get better. One of the worst things I have ever read. Totally stupid and pointless.


Wow! I want my money back! This must have been done in haste to make a quick few bucks. Reads like a short story a third grader might have conjured up and then you went to a sixth grader to finish it. Utterly predictable. Your pandering use of certain models and brands of weaponry must get you residuals from the manufacturers. Seriously, a British 303 Enfield cartridge and action for a sniper long range rifle? So fifty years ago. Your using all the "name dropping" calipers and such is so juvenile. Your research lack depth as did your character studies. You used to be much better. You're either getting lazy or just think your previous work will pull you through. The bit about the 6 wheel rock truck doing 70 mph is a joke. The whole premise was laughable and trite. You've lost a loyal fan with this one. Way too short and undeveloped. I want my money back!


A quick read, but a little disappointing.


About 100 pages into this book and it just seems stupid. Writing style is so self consciously “cute”, first person narrative whenever that reads like a high school kid wrote it. I guess I expected more from Patterson. Avoid unless you are in 5th grade or younger.


Excellent...another great James Patterson book........

Capt. Hambone

Worst Private ever. Written in a weekend to check a box 4 Patterson