The Billionaire Bargain Series Collection PDF Download

The Billionaire Bargain Series Collection PDF Download

By: Lila Monroe
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-12-21


Some of the jokes were slightly humorous. However they went on and on and were boring and was like watching a comedian suffering on stage trying too hard to get the audience to laugh. Cut out most of the bad jokes and the story would be much better.


Way to much rambling. If I skipped all the descriptive rambling I would finish the book in minutes. Sorry this is so harsh but I hate trying to get to the meat of the book by skipping.

Carol Martina

Loved the dialogue... very witty, and had me laughing out loud. Quite a few editorial errors which were distracting, such as wrong words, missing words, places where the sentence started then midway restarted again or went in a different direction. Made me have to stop to try to figure out what it was supposed to be saying. As I said, it was distracting. Otherwise, good book.


I loved the story, the characters, the back & fourth between them, the romance & the comedy. A have to suggest though that these ebooks have several errors & need to be proof read better before they are published & less profanity would be actually better.


This was such a good series (more like a single book really) that I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a day and am craving more. Funny, steamy, drama-filled work that I can’t get enough of.


Thank you for bringing us Lacey and Grant! I couldn’t stop grinning and chortling throughout this book. Love love loved it.