The Billionaire Game PDF Download

The Billionaire Game PDF Download

By: Lila Monroe
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-05-02


I love how the author makes me laugh with every book I have read. There isn't one book that I haven't wanted to stop reading cover to cover. The only downside is when work or sleeping gets in the way of reading.


This has been a difficult week for Kate . She broke it off with her long term boyfriend ; she got fired ; she met Asher Young who escorted two different women to their fittings for her lingerie business . Had a fight with her parents had a business meeting with Asher scheduled , it can only get better from here right?


Overall- An okay 'book' if you want 98 pages to be an introduction to a player an the girl who can't make up her mind. The next books are 2.99 each- heck no.