• St. Vincent (Deluxe Edition) MP3 Download

St. Vincent (Deluxe Edition) MP3 Download

Artist: St. Vincent

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2015-01-01

Title Time



 Birth In Reverse


 Prince Johnny


 Huey Newton


 Digital Witness


 I Prefer Your Love




 Bring Me Your Loves




 Every Tear Disappears


 Severed Crossed Fingers


 Bad Believer






 Del Rio


 Digital Witness


    • Jonatron

      This album is amazing. I'm just sad because I own the original without the bonus EP-esque tracks. The worst part for me is that the extra tracks are too good to pass up. I'm okay with purchasing them on the side, but iTunes likes to categorize everything which makes the old album and new tracks separate from each other. Lame, but not discouraging. This album is worth having.

    • Avaoa

      St. Vincent is extremely intelligent, empowering and personal with all of her music. Annie tells her story while enabling others to use it as a tool for self reflection, or any other way they desire to utilize it.

    • supa love

      give it a few listens ~ its preferable to…...

    • Why so late boy

      Her guitar playing ability was what got me. Then her lyrics made me stay. Incredible album. Incredible artistry.

    • Motionsense

      I agree with fjg I do not understand what the hype is. The songs have somewhat of a small 2-3 second timeframe moment but another than that I don't know what this hype is

    • Haydenpg

      Obsessed with this album.

    • pinky royale

      Dear Bands, Your #1 fans will buy your new album when it comes out. When you re-release it months later as a deluxe edition, it burns the people who have supported you from jump. Just release an EP of these new tracks or re-worked versions. This has been an issue for many years, with many bands. Knock it off. That said, I love St Vincent. I've had this album since it came out and it's great. Five stars, even!. Yeah, you can just buy the new tracks alone, but this move seems like nothing more than a money grab. Please stop. Yrs, Pinky Royale

    • Jason1225

      I know I will get a ton of guff for this. Yes she is a local Dallas musician. But honestly, I still don’t get the appeal of this. It sounds like the same old generic synth pop that gets pushed by the radio. She does have a decent enough voice, but the music is so uninteresting. It’s a world better than anything Florence and the Machine or Lana Del Ray produce, but still it’s just nothing particularly special.

    • PeteTMitchell

      This entire album is amazing.

    • FVC89

      Just buy the new songs! Big effen deal... Great record. Best of 2014 by far. Congrats Annie on the Grammy.