• Shakira. MP3 Download

Shakira. MP3 Download

Artist: Shakira

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2014-03-21

Title Time

 Dare (La La La)


 Can't Remember to Forget You (




 You Don't Care About Me


 Cut Me Deep (feat. MAGIC!)




 Broken Record


 Medicine (feat. Blake Shelton)




 The One Thing


 Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte


 Loca por Ti


    • Thewiffle


    • Azael9998

      Bop bop bop


      Swag. Just. Swag.

    • Juan Carlos R Q

      One of the best from Shakira.

    • Sigtau22

      VVvvvvvgv CCTV. C Tv. CCTVu. The gfvgvvgtgvvftvgvgggggvggtttgtggtgame theft nickit is v

    • Eurodance209

      As a fan im sadden on how shes left her roots for this pop-tart sound just for the popularity 🤷🏼‍♂️ no depth anymore 👎🏼👎🏼

    • KbCheetah

      Shakira is a great singer. I love all of her music and she is so pretty.

    • Normiss315

      I don't know. I miss the old Shakira and the songs I grew up listening to. The ones that could be classified as rock/rockpop and had wonderful lyrics. I feel like she got lost while transitioning from the Latin America market to the US market. There's a lot missing

    • Beny dzh

      She sounds like a ice cream truck begging for mercy.. How do people think her voice is good?

    • JLover4life

      I'm actually loving Shakira! She's one of my fave singers of all time right now. However, I haven't been a fan of hers really long, but I decided to get this album and try it out. And honestly hearing this, it sounds really nice! Songs aren't really long, but they are nice to listen to. Dare (La La La) is a nice powerful dance songs that can give you chills. Can't Remember To Forget You is a nice song with rock sounding and I love the vocals that she has on that song. Empire is a powerful, emotional song with her showcasing her vocals. I love the song Spotlight on this album. It's probably my favorite one on the album. Broken Record and Medicine are relaxing songs with a nice, smooth vibe to it. I'm not a fan of country by any means, but Medicine with Blake Shelton was actually really good. The deluxe tracks were actually not too bad. Was this the best album I've ever heard? No. I honestly forgot what some of the songs sound like on the album, but it's a nice album to listen to on a bus ride or whatever. I've heard albums that are more addictive and more memorable, but for my first album from Shakira, pretty decent! Overall, I give this 4/5 stars, because it was not the most memorable for me and I've heard better. But I would honestly try another Shakira album. Great effort from her! I look forward to more!👍🏽