• St. Vincent MP3 Download

St. Vincent MP3 Download

Artist: St. Vincent

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2014-01-01

Title Time



 Birth In Reverse


 Prince Johnny


 Huey Newton


 Digital Witness


 I Prefer Your Love




 Bring Me Your Loves




 Every Tear Disappears


 Severed Crossed Fingers


    • danny d84

      I also agree with another reviewer who noticed the bad production quality. I actually ordered a second CD because I thought it was a mishap or something, but the quality is really that bad. The music sounds muddy and thin, like an old radio station and not in a good way - which is surprising because her other albums sound great.

    • pmzebra


    • HELP ME! JOY- line from show

      St. Vincent is an incredible musician with impeccable guitar skills. She is an innovative and profound guitarist and she makes a great effort on her self titled LP. Every track is worth listening to. My personal favourites are Prince Johnny and Birth In Reverse. Great job. Excellent

    • yurvin

      This album took me couple of months to like but more and more i listened to it, the more songs i liked. Its a lot diffrent from her other albums, more electronic, less live drums, but what is really great about it is how she is able to take the song from strange noise to a beautiful melody within a change of a note, so if you like soft singing guitar playing chicks like Taylor Swift, dont get it...actually do give it a try and get better taste in music. Its a Great Elelctro/Rock album with a theame thats tied to our everyday technological living.

    • Full/Skirt

      I'm surprised that I truly like it- My music changes from time to time and this is a great change.

    • no nickel name

      I find the tunes interesting and innovative and I love Annie's voice and guitar rifs. Yet the instruments lack presence, as if recorded through two cups and a string. I prefer to listen to St Vincent's performances on Youtube because the sound has more immediacy.


      Think Katy Perry on heroine.

    • itberice

      I love everything St Vincent does but this is her best.

    • brischneider14

      Annie Clark is a lyrical genius. She's so amazing, so so talented, and all of her work is just BEAUTIFUL. Annie continues to wow us with everything she does!!!! This album won a Grammy! You need to buy this. Annie has really outdone herself. She's just getting better and better with each album she puts out!!!!

    • MikeDitkaHurtlocker

      So much depth. No, I am not a hipster.

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