• Love Like This - EP MP3 Download

Love Like This - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Kodaline

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2013-07-16

Title Time

 Love Like This


 What It Is




 After the Fall


 Love Like This


    • Malooka655

      What It Is ia a beautiful song, first time I heard it it made me cry. A love song to family and friends.

    • Fmfrequency

      This acoustic version is SO much better than the original

    • Amazing <3<3

      Kids line singlehandedly never fails to impress me

    • dana_crowe

      I don't think I've ever found music so expressive before, I love all their songs and the messages they have to offer.

    • Ssg1122

      Absolutely one of my favorite bands now! Excellent sound.

    • NuclearJen

      This album touches my soul.

    • Foolish nut nugget

      I saw these guys at an airborne toxic event concert and they blew me away. This album is so amazing. Keep up the great work!!!! Xoxo

    • Jtsts

      This is personally my favorite album by them, and I can thoroughly enjoy listening to it over and over again.