• She Wolf MP3 Download

She Wolf MP3 Download

Artist: Shakira

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2009-11-23

Title Time

 She Wolf


 Did It Again (feat. Kid Cudi)


 Long Time


 Why Wait


 Good Stuff


 Men In This Town




 Spy (feat. Wyclef Jean)


 Mon amour




 Lo Hecho Está Hecho


 Años Luz


 Give It Up to Me (feat. Lil Wa


    • VHCP18

      The top 5 songs for me are: Mon Amour Lo Hecho esta Hecho Spy Años Luz Loba ❤️ This Album

    • Lopezt7

      Used to be a die-hard fan ever since pies descalzos but this album just made me anti-Shakira ...I'll buy her album when she comes back.

    • Bryan2426

      I really enjoy and really like all the songs that are on shakira's new album. Shakira is very talented, love her

    • B.O.B MUSIC

      Give It Up To Me Remix (feat. Shakira) CHECK THAT REMIX OUT BETTER THEN LIL WEEZY ONE ( B.O.B MUSIC )

    • 18iamthebest

      Wow i love this it's amzing the best songs man in this town,spy,mom amour,give it up to me and she wolf. I think gypsy is goin to be a hit. Like she wolf and loba.

    • Jjorgefabian

      Shakira is just amazing I actually consider that she must recieve more support from her fans. In Colombia everybody criticizes her, she does not deserve this, her lyrics are great as well as her production may be she needs more promotion for her job with this album hope this gets better for her with her next singles. For sure they are going to be the best singles ever.

    • iluvteddybears

      I love Shakira, because she is so talented, and this album is super duper good. I like she wolf, and used to love Give It Up To Me, (It got a little boring). But I heard Lo Hecho Esta Hecho on the Radio, and I LOVED IT! I wouldn't recommend the WHOLE album, but there are really good songs here.

    • Hugo Eduardo Azevedo Fialho

      Sou brasileiro e me contento muito em saber que Shakira é colombiana, isto é, é orgulhosamente sul-americana, como eu. Posso até afirmar que ela é a cantora pop do progresso brasileiro! Comprem!

    • sophiasmiley

      shakira has her own personality in this album. get the songs she wolf give it up to me did it again loba :)

    • Avril Shakira Paramore

      This is amazing album!! I didn't like She Wolf and I was scaried that it would be terrible but instead it is amazing. My favorites included: Mon Amour Men In This Town Did It Again Give It Up To Me This CD should do better. It's much better than Lady Gaga or Rihianna's CD (I'm a fan of both atrists).