• Yours Truly: The I'm Yours Collection - EP MP3 Download

Yours Truly: The I'm Yours Collection - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Jason Mraz

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2009-07-14

Title Time

 I'm Yours


 I'm Yours (Original Demo)


 I'm Yours (Live from Japan) [f


 I'm Yours (Bass Over Babylon M


    • TammyHu

      Great song!! That even played million times, still make me love it!

    • the tiny bees knees

      Meh friend sang in talent show and sounded just like him! Perfect song for her voice. Perfect song for him too!!!! Gj

    • mm494

      Good song. Though non of the versions sound like the one I fell in love with on the radio. 

    • Mini Bro

      It is not a bad song but I am very dissapointed that the version of the song with lil Wayne is not in it

    • jibaba

      this is awsome I love this son

    • Margie3140

      I love Jason Mraz and I'm glad they have the demo. But I do think there are a TON of other great songs by Jason. So if you do or don't buy this album still give some of his other songs a listen.

    • ifeellikesmiling:)

      I love I'm Yours as much as the next person, but he has other songs! I'm giving this four stars simply because Jason Mraz is amazing, but for the people out there who have bought only this song, try something else. Mraz has many songs that are way better than I'm Yours. Instead of spending your money on several versions of the same song, get some different songs.

    • Mychal Givenz

      What a great song even though its been played alot,I still love it,I do believe we have a huge star on our hands.I wish him much success in the future.

    • Tangerine Queen

      Is "I'm Yours" overplayed? Sure. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a great song. Is it Jason's best? No, probably not. But it doesn't deserve the trashing it's gotten. I agree Jason's not a one-hit wonder. Like he says in "Wordplay", "the people write me off like I'm a one-hit wonder, gotta find another way to keep from going under" we just need to be patient and put up with all of the hype over "I'm Yours" until he finds another way to keep from going under (:

    • carirae

      I used to have the original demo, way before the radio version was released. However, I lost it when my computer crashed. :( So glad they released it on iTunes!!!