• Beautiful Liar - EP MP3 Download

Beautiful Liar - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Beyoncé & Shakira

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2007-03-20

Title Time

 Beautiful Liar


 Beautiful Liar (Bello Embuster


 Beautiful Liar (feat. Sasha)


 Beautiful Liar


    • rvrdtt

      You rIo the sexy rer and beautiful little boy that

    • TheBattleBearPlayer


    • Mee e e

      Nice Arabian themed music, but why isn't Shakira on the Spanish/Spanglish version? Wouldn't it make more sense to have her on there since Spanish is her mother tongue?

    • Ajjaffari

      Great artists cone together to form perfection. It's a great song with a great beat!

    • THE HORV

      More overproduced crap from today's music makers - God who can listen to this?

    • Becksracing129b

      I love this song I have to do a duet in music and I wanna pick this song!!

    • Noah.j8

      really awesome song...great belly dance i love this track soo muchh

    • Saturna24

      B and Shakira awesome mix love it<3

    • graciiemayy

      2013 still love this song Beyonce + Shakira = perfection

    • Mikjackson

      I discovered this song while playing just dance, except it was in english. Then i looked it up in spanish and loved it even more! I recommened this song even for people who have no clue how to speak Spanish! My favorite part is he tune it is so egygiptian/ belly dancing which is what I really enjoy.