• Selections for Friends MP3 Download

Selections for Friends MP3 Download

Artist: Jason Mraz

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2007-02-13

Title Time

 Welcome to Schubas


 Did You Get My Message? (Audie


 Did You Get My Message? (Live


 Snakes In Schubas (Live from S


 Childlike Wildlike (Live from


 Welcome to Saratoga: Older Lov


 Sleeping to Dream (Live from M


 God Rests In Reason (Live from


 Life Is Wonderful (Live from M


 Did You Get My Message? (Live


 Please Don't Tell Her (Live fr


 Song for a Friend (Live from M


 10,000 Motherf***ers (Live fro


 The Beauty In Ugly (Ugly Betty


    • mklefty81

      iTunes doesn't tell you, but this version is edited. I was wondering why there were two versions of the same album with the same songs and THANK GOD i read the reviews and this one said that it was edited in one of the reviews. The February one is the one to buy.

    • Samuel512

      The first track alone is 34 minutes people! That's nuts! Jason is unstoppable! Buy this!

    • kizbiz

      Man, this is such a cool album because my uncle owns Schuba's tavern, and its soo cool to see an album with all the songs from it. these songs are so awesome and jason mraz sounds amazing live. this is awesome, buy it.

    • Timothy Hocum

      He is just so great live, but I'm not sure why "I'm Yours" isn't on here. I already have it, but it's weird that it's not available one here. "Sleeping to Dream" is probably the best song on the album.

    • Kwilhelm509

      Its on this cd but not on the album?

    • cmugirl97

      LOVE LOVE LOVE live Jason Mraz!!! Live Jason is completely different from "radio pop" Jason! His voice is unparallelled! He gives me goosebumps! :) I can't get enough! This album is definitely one of his best "live" compilations! Please keep it coming, Jason!

    • jayhawk.

      But, I don't like his music clean.. This is a good album but i'd like it better without the editing. I love sleeping to dream and life is wonderful.. best personally.

    • (bring it)

      wahoo! im the first one! this is pretty cool cuz anything jason mraz is cool but its not my fave album.