• Shakira: Grandes Éxitos MP3 Download

Shakira: Grandes Éxitos MP3 Download

Artist: Shakira

Genre: Pop Latino

Release Date: 2002-11-04

Title Time

 Estoy Aquí




 Un Poco de Amor


 Dónde Estás Corazón


 Que Me Quedes Tú


 Ciega, Sordomuda


 Si Te Vas


 No Creo




 Ojos Así


 Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)


 Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)


 Tú (En Vivo)


 Dónde Están Los Ladrónes


 Moscas en la Casa


    • 19hdz91

      I really enjoyed listening to the entire album

    • Rushmore Bug

      I remember this!

    • Yurayy

      Now THIS is the Shakira I fell in love with, her new music is just too commercial, I loved when she sang with a band, and sounded really raw. Wish she could go back.

    • Margiegraham

      Insists that I dance

    • jlopezjulez

      wish she still sang like this her new stuff is soo lame...loved it when she was more rockera!!!

    • Vampire Duk

      I love all of Shakira's music! Ever since I was little I would listen to her music. When I learned English, I found out she sang in English, too. I was amazed! I still prefer her Spanish music, I love Te Avicio, Te Anuncio (Tango). Te avicio, Te anuncio, de todo reducio...

    • #1 mmfan

      I like her music. It's great!

    • Tina 82

      Great list, but how did they decide on these songs? Pies Descalzos, Vuelve, Sombra de Ti, Te Espero Sentada and Underneath Your Clothes are also worthy additions. They should do a part II...

    • Lunaedj

      She should listen to this CD, so she could get back to this kind of music again, like seriously all the CD's after this one are really crappy. I think this is the CD that brought her up to be famous back in the days, anyways, she now performs very poorly, hopefully she will release a hit soon!!! I love 'ojos asi' i could literally listen to it all the time!!! Yay!!

    • edd_guerra

      I love Shakira!!! Everything she does, she does it well...