• Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 MP3 Download

Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 MP3 Download

Artist: Shakira

Genre: Pop Latino

Release Date: 2005-06-06

Title Time

 En Tus Pupilas


 La Pared


 La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sa


 Obtener Un Si


 Dia Especial (feat. Gustavo Ce


 Escondite Ingles


 No (feat. Gustavo Cerati)


 Las de la Intuición


 Dia de Enero


 Lo Imprescindible


 La Pared


 La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sa


    • Inkaboy

      The two collaborations with Gustavo are the best tracks. They show a different style for shakira’s powerful vocals.

    • Lorelis

      I want to buy the song "No"... but if I have to buy the whole album better download that song in another place for free. I want to buy it but nobody can make me buy the whole album, so please a lot of ppl want to buy that song its time you put it on sale like the other songs.

    • Jivejoey

      Love this song

    • chriscarey

      I loved this album very much!!!

    • pat_flores

      I remember about two years ago, when I was going to buy "No" on Itunes, but it only came with the album, meaning you have to buy the entire album for just one song. Anyways I was really angry about this because "No" was the only song I liked from the album "Fijación Oral Vol. 1", but as the time passed. I began to like songs from the album, one by one, until I ended up loving the entire album. Same thing happened with "Oral Fixation Vol. 2"

    • pinol water

      This is my favorite album I love it

    • bkbpurple

      Love the album, however, iTunes needs to cut the bull and stop excluding "No" from being a single. I speak for everyone when I say that's one of the best songs on the album. It's my favorite. I don't want to pay for the whole album just to get it. I see they've put up Las de la intuicion, so keep your fingers crossed that No will come shortly!

    • La Musiqe

      I hope she goes back to singing in Spanish.

    • imacruzinc

      The best song ever it makes me shake it all the time :):):)

    • wecanflow

      Although not neccesarily as commercial as Laundry Service, it's in my opinion her best album since crossing over to English. A large variety of songs and a lot of fun to drive to!