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Artist: Jason Mraz

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2018-08-10

Title Time

 Let's See What the Night Can D


 Have It All


 More Than Friends (feat. Megha




 Better With You


 No Plans


 Sleeping to Dream


 Making It Up


 Might As Well Dance


 Love Is Still the Answer


    • kfell5136

      I have listened to it over and over for weeks now. Great album. Love the upbeat and jitter bug type vibe throughout it. Also love that the songs are all so positive and spreads good feeling of community and togetherness. Like something you would play while volunteering for a charitable event. I was instantly drawn to “Unlonely” because of its different rhymes and rap like sounds. Those types, like “Butterfly,” are my faves cuz they are so fun to sing along with. Mr. Mraz, don’t change a thing.

    • Lloollyy

      I agree with those who were disappointed about the almost explicit lyric. For those it doesn’t bother, that is fine, but if we want to play this song for children or students, I wish there was an optional version for those who may be offended by the word. We, as a society, are becoming too desensitized to things that our young children shouldn’t be exposed to. I have the choice to purchase or not. Although I was loving every song on the album, including “Unlonely” I am questioning whether or not to buy it just because I don’t want my kids to be exposed to almost explicit lyrics. It’s too bad. Being a musician and music teacher myself, I love Jason’s music and know the power of great music. Unfortunately I also know the power of exposing kids at an early age to vulgarity and other mature issues. It’s not a big deal, but it’s an unnecessary blip that everyone is focused on, so obviously it did offend and touch some nerves.

    • Mamajansen

      This is such a feel good, fun, and lovely album! I’ve been listening to Jason Mraz since the beginning and it’s been a pleasure to listen to his style and lyrics grow/change. If you can’t handle an almost F-bomb than perhaps you money could be spent on a better suited album, I hear the wiggles are toddler friendly. For everyone else, it’s worth every penny! This cd is going to be my families sound track to the fall and we are all very much enjoying it!

    • bdbdncjfnf

      Love your song

    • Devvgg

      Another amazing album, all songs on repeat and not skipping any. Sad to hear he may be retiring but happy I finally got to see him in concert! He has such a way with words and rhyming that not many have anymore. He’s always my go to music choice. I can listen all day to his music. <3

    • TapDogz

      amazing heart felt songs from start to finish. love the mix of his fast word play with more ballad type songs, his best album in a while, highly recommend

    • Dug the Slug

      I give up on Mraz. Has loads of talent but this is sentimental, corny, banal, derivative.

    • Daisie59

      Jason Mraz does it again with beautiful melodies and inspiring lyrics. I cannot stop listening to his songs and feel hopeful and uplifted while doing so.

    • Ndotlevy

      Best yet by Jason.

    • graciemmiller

      I love this album, every song is great and sounds like it belongs in a romantic comedy movie!!