• Heart of the Hurricane MP3 Download

Heart of the Hurricane MP3 Download

Artist: Beyond The Black

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 2018-08-31

Title Time


 Heart of the Hurricane


 Through the Mirror

 Million Lightyears


 Song for the Godless

 Escape from the Earth

 Beneath a Blackened Sky

 Fairytale of Doom

 My God is Dead


 Dear Death

 Scream for Me



 Echo from the Past


    • Ciphantomhive222

      I found Heart of the Hurricane through GSL and Starcraft II streams playing the song. I absolutely fell in love with it and immediately came to buy the song! Can’t stop listening!

    • thetombraider24

      Already love the first single alot and looking forward to having this brand new BTB masterpiece in my hands come August!!! Love the artwork Jennifer looks fierce cant frickin wait!!!!!! Love you BTB your music is amazing🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻❤️