• Lil Pump - Single MP3 Download

Lil Pump - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Lil Pump

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2017-06-09

Title Time

 Lil Pump


    • KT1958

      This was just awful, and the auto tune only made it worse

    • Jgo123454321

      This kid 17. Needs to be in school! Where are his parents good lord. Someone call DCF. 🙄👀

    • Futbolslick

      I just threw up 3 times and only listened to maybe 5 seconds of it. Today’s “hip-hop” is unidentifiable now. Maybe call it trash music instead of trap music. It’ll all be gone soon enough.

    • So called Top Gear


    • your white homie


    • by ethan¥¥¥

      This Rapper is going to be good

    • Vyguy23

      Literally complimenting himself. Piece of 💩

    • DJklesher

      You don't know lil pump could just hit you with a 30 he got blessings .

    • eididkekdxji

      His worst song yet

    • Ndjewjhdhxjxixjdbsbdjd

      Now that's quality music right there... NOT!!