• Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy - EP MP3 Download

Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Jason Mraz

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2006-02-21

Title Time

 Galaxy (Live)


 Keep On Hoping (Featuring Raul


 Mr. Curiosity (Live)


 On Love, In Sadness (Live)


 Wordplay (Live)


 Geek In the Pink (Phil Tan Rem


    • —23

      This album is excellent - but if you've never heard of Jason before, don't buy it. You won't like it. In my opinion, you need to understand Jason's style before buying this - go buy I'm Yours and consider buying this. Well, i'll talk about the songs now. Galaxy is simply amazing - the meaning of this song is so deep, loving. Keep on Hoping is a fun, upbeat song. Jason's and Raul's voices combined are amazing. This recording of Mr. Curiosity made me fall in love with that song. Before listening to this version, i just couldn't get "into" the song - then i stumbled upon this. On Love, In Sadness is a cute, short song thats fun to listen to. Wordplay is amazing on this album!! Jason and Toca work wonders in this song - by far my favorite song on this album. And finally, the Geek in the Pink Remix. It's basically like the one on the Mr. A-Z album, with a few minor changes.

    • KinseyLynne

      Jason Mraz is by far the best artist of our generation. His voice and his songs are equally amazing. He is one of the few people who actually sounds better live, much better.

    • cRaZy.HiPpiE.


    • MsDreamweaver

      The boy is extra-special!

    • Timothy Hocum

      At first I just bought the remix of 'Geek in the Pink' but then I decided to Complete the Album and buy the entire thing and I am really glad did because On Love, In Sadness and Galaxy are really good! I also really love the the title of the album! hehe

    • ifji

      itunes has to get im yours by tomorrow

    • katiejrod

      Flat out stupendous. Jason Mraz is my most favorite musician and his live versions never fail to amaze me. I highly recommend this EP - I'm not at all disappointed with it.

    • jmpeacock

      Mraz is a brillant wordsmith, who is just very fun.

    • YngDodger

      NO ONE does it like Jason!

    • Jefro1311

      "Galaxy" is on it. That should be reason enough.